schottky barrier rectifier diode

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Main Feature 1.Average Current10.0A 2.Revere Voltage Range30~50V 3.Other Electrical Parameter 4.Product PackagingTO-220AB 5.MPQ1000PCS/BOX 6.ROHLEAD FREE FINIH/ROH COMPLIANT 7.DATAHEET228.PDF Application LEDignage/LED Ballat LED Lighting LED Driver Lighting BallatFluorecent lighting ballat Automotive HID lighting Ballat Computing and PeripheralDik Drive Inkjet Printer Dektop Computer / erver Conumer and PortableAudio Amp Performance PDA Cell Phone Handet GP et-Top Box Microwave Oven Conference peakerphone IndutrialAutomated Tet Equipment Bar Code canner Portable Data Logger Clothe Waher HVAC RFID Reader lot Machine Power upplyAC-DC Power upply 20~75W DC-DC Power upply 24-60W Li-Ion Battery Charger LCD TV Power upply CRT TV Power upply Available ervice 1.Free ample 2.According to cutomer requirement,cutomized product and teting tandard,reearch and development of new product 3.OEM 4.Product analyi and teting Related and similar products Schottky Barrier Rectifiers MBR1030CT MBR1035CT MBR1040CT MBR1045CT MBR1050CT 10A 30 to 50Volts TO-220AB Diode Others "Features 10.0A TO-220AB 30 TO 50Volts · Plastic package has Underwriters Laboratory Flammability Classification 94V-0 · Low power loss, high efficiency · High current capability, Low forward voltage drop · High surge capability · Metal silicon junction, majority carrier conduction" "Maximum Ratings · Operating Temperature: -55°C to +125°C · Storage Temperature: -55°C to +150°C Contact US Contact Person: Tianfeng Phone: +86+8613916389148 E-mail: English Web: barrier rectifier diode website:

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