MVR Evaporator

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The introduction of MVR evaporator An MVR evaporator uses a compressor to increase the pressure of the vapor from the evaporator. The high pressure vapor will condense at a higher temperature, which allows it to be used as heating steam for the evaporator. No steam is required for evaporation. However, if the feed is colder than the evaporation temperature and sufficient heat can’t be recovered from the product and condensate, then some steam may be required to heat the feed to the boiling temperature. Power cost for the compressor is normally in the range of 15-30 KW/ton evaporation, but could be higher or lower depending on the liquor. Product Advantages 1 No live steam consumption 2 low energy consumption and low operation cost 3 It can be combined with crystallizer, work as continuously MVR crystallizer MVR Evaporator Applications 1.Pharmaceutical and chemical industry Alcohol: phenol, methanol, alcohol, butanol, glycerol Pharmaceutical solution: enzyme, antibiotics, Drug extract, Sugar substitutes, sorbitol, sorbose, gluconate 2.Food industry Dairy products: Whole and skim milk, condensed milk, sweet whey and lactate, butter, lactoprotein, lactose High protein juice: soybean whey, yeast extract and feeding yeast Juice: orange juice and other citrus juice, apple juice and other apple juice, blend juice, Tropical fruit juice Vegetable juice: lettuce juice, beetroot juice, tomato juice, carrot juice Starch product: glucose, dextrose, levulose, maltose, starch syrup, dextrin Sugar: beet sugar, Liquid sugar, refined sugar, sweet water Extractive: meat and bone extract, coffee and tea extract, hops extract, malt extract, yeast extract, pectin Hydrolyzed material: whey hydrolysate, Seasoning liquid, protein hydrolysate Applied range of continuous crystallizer Lactose, potassium chlorate, sodium nitrite, citric acid, ammonium sulfate, sodium chlorate, copper chloride, sodium phosphate, potassium phosphate, salicylic acid and salt, sodium tartrate, caffeine, acetate, succinate, potassium carbonate, copper gulonic acid, Ammonium acetate, etc. Technological Process Project Cases MVR Evaporator website:

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