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3 - mercapto propionic acid Alias:β-Mercapto propionic acid; Glucosinolates propanol acid; thiolactic acid CAS number:107-96-0 Molecular formula:C3H6O2S Molecular weight:152.15 Product introduction: Finland the dew pharmaceutical intermediate (chlormezanone), is used for PVC stabilizer.In sulfur generation glycolic acid can be used for transparent products, its stability is very good, better than other stabilizer.It also can make antioxidants, catalyst and biochemical reagents. Purposes: the goods for the Finn the dew of pharmaceutical intermediate, is also used as a stabilizer of PVC.Also used as antioxidant, catalyst and biochemical reagents. Melting point: 15-18℃ The boiling point: 110-111℃ Proportion: 1.2200 Refractive index: 1.492cheap Chemical Products website:

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