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Product Description Bronze metal is available in a wide range of alloys for purposes varying from bearings to architecture and marine applications. In general bronze is a great choice for strength, corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity. Bronze is primarily an alloy of copper and tin, but can also be made with other additives, such as aluminum. Product Show Product Data AlloyTypeTemperSpecification(mm)ParameterExecutive Standard ThicknessWidthLength QSn6.5-0.1Phosphor Bronze SheetM、 Y4 Y2、Y、 T、TY0.3~0.5≤600≤2000StandardGB/T2040—2008 >0.5~3.0≤600≤2000 >3.0~12≤600≤2000 R9~50≤600≤2000Thx≤14mm, Rm≥290MPa A11.3≥38% QSn7-0.2Tin Bronze SheetM、Y、T0.3~3.0≤550≤2000M, Rm≥295MPa A11.3≥40% Y, Rm540~690MPa A11.3≥8% T, Rm≥665MPa A11.3≥2%GB/T2040—2008 >3.0~12≤600≤2000 QAl9-2Aluminum Bronze SheetR8~25≤1000≤2000Thx≤14mm Rm≥440MPa A11.3≥15%Q/LT003-92 Y、M3.0~12≤1000≤2000M, Rm≥440MPa A11.3≥18% Y, Rm≥585MPa A11.3≥5%GB/T2040—2008 QA19-4Aluminum Bronze SheetR8~25≤1000≤2000actual measurementQ/LT003-92 Y3.0~12≤1000≤2000Rm≥585MPaGB/T2040—2008 QCr0.5Chromium Bronze SheetR7~25≤600≤2000HB≥50Q/LT004—92 Y0.5~3.0300~600≤2000HB≥110GB/T2040—2008 3.0~15≤600≤2000 QSi3-1Silico-manganese BronzeY、M、T0.5~3.0300~5501000~2000M:Rm≥343Mpa A11.3≥40% ; Y:Rm 588~735MPa A11.3≥3%GB/T2040—2008 3.0~10600~10001000~2000 Product Application Our inventory consists of C61300, C61400, C63000, C65500, C93200 and C95400. These bronze alloys are widely used due to their great strength and resilience in heavy industry such as marine and aviation. Typical bronze sheet and plate applications would include bearings, gear parts, valve parts and oil and gas service parts. Package and Delivery 1. Standard Exporting package. 2. Original package or neutral package. 3. According to clients ' needs. 4. Shipped in10-35 days after payment. Bronze manufacturers website:

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